Marbles is one tough kitty. She was one of the first street cats we noted when we moved to Bushwick. She ruled the block, hanging out on various stoops and keeping an eye on things. We assumed somebody owned her, but it turns out she was yet another street orphan. Although she's not a true feral cat, we took her in as a part of the TNR program, got her spayed and vaccinated. Since she's been inside her demeanor has gone from mean and ornery to rambunctious and fun. She's probably about 3-4 years old but she acts like a kitten (probably missed her own childhood and is making up for lost time!) She'd probably be best as an only cat, though she currently puts up with 8 other cats with little issue.

UPDATE: Marbles is getting better every day, she even plays with some of the cats now. She loves to be chased around the house and loves neckrubs. She's still probably best as an only-cat, so she'd get all the attention!

UPDATE II: Marbles continues to improve, she still has her ornery moments but also loves to play and race around the house. She'd still be best as a single-cat, she deserves all your attention! She now sits on the couch (sometimes on our laps!) with us and sleeps on the bed when there aren't too many other cats around.
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