Annabelle [ADOPTED]
UPDATE: Annabelle and Bishop ran off together to live with a wonderful family in Brooklyn Hts. Word is she's still quite shy, but I know she will come around, just like she did with us!

Formerly "Baby Momma." This beautiful tabby shyly came around to our window throughout last summer, eventually bringing her kittens with her. Sadly, one kitten didn't make it. The other ("Shoehorn") we were able to capture and we adopted him out to a nice family. But Momma remained outside, she was very skittish most of the time.

Later on, she brought the kitten that would be known as Tumbleweed over with her, and he was reunited with his brother and sister who were already inside. But again, she didn't stay. After that we didn't see her for several months. But when we started doing TNR, she got into one of the traps!

Now she's spayed and vaccinated, and is slowly learning how to be a housecat. I suspect she started life as an indoor cat, and I believe she can be again. She is small but dignified, with a melancholic look that always reminds me how hard her life was. No more!

We're calling her Daisy now, to belie her serious expression. I know she's a very sweet cat, uncynical despite her time on the streets.

UPDATE: we have since discovered that her kitten did NOT die and has grown into a handsome young man (now neutered!) Daisy has become "Annabelle" for some reason, maybe because she is such a little lady.
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