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Shelby's last day with us (with Jman cameo!)

Just a bit over 2 months ago we did a small TNR project near Green-wood Cemetery. Shelby was one of three calico cats who lived in a semi-abandoned house and back yard near a busy street. During the trapping process we realized one of the cats seemed to be blind.


She was very docile, possibly because she lacked this sense, and was receptive to human interaction. We knew we couldn't put her back outside, so we hung onto her and hoped we could help her.


The vet tried some treatments but determined her blindness was a congenital defect and she may have been blind since birth. She didn't have any other issues and tested negative for Feline Leukemia, so she was ready to find a home.


We moved her into a room with two other cats, long-time foster Journeyman and senior lady Gilda. While Shelby never bonded with these two they all got along well. She learned the geography of the room (and how to use a covered litterbox) and was soon prancing around like a sighted cat. She could jump onto the tables, even the cat pedestal bed by the window! She still bumped into things a little, but overall it was hard to tell anything was amiss. And many a time she would look you right in the eye and you could swear she was following you with hers.


Tonight Shelby is going to her forever home, her person met and fell in love with her and is taking her to Syracuse in the morning. We will miss her a lot but are so happy she is heading off to a wonderful, full life of leisure! Good luck, little girl.

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Uploaded on August 9, 2012