Lockheed to Lock Up
Following her release after serving 13 of a 15 month sentence for her participation in the Disarm Now Plowshares, Susan Crane didn't satisfy her supervised probation officer so she has to return to prison for 2 more months starting Wednesday. In a pre-confinement act of resistance, Susan and supporters are staging an educational peace walk from the Lockheed plant in Sunnyale (where the Trident D-5 missile is made) to Dublin FCI (the federal prison near Pleasanton where she has to serve more time) See the DisarmNowPlowshares blog on Wordpress. In November, 2009 Susan and four others infiltrated the Bangor (WA) Trident submarine base to protest the huge number of dangerous and illegal nuclear weapons there.
On day 1 of "Lockheed to Lock Up" 40 people gathered for a send-off with Fr. Louis Vitale presiding over a short mass. About 30 people walked the first leg with 15 or more walking much of the day. In the end 8 people arrived at the church in Milpitas where the group spent the night.
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