2009.10.18 - Gino's NorCal Riv Ride
Gino posted to the RBW List "Hey let's go ride" so I hopped on my RB-1 and joined in the fun. Had just shy of a dozen riders set forth for Bovine Bakery. A couple of flats were had, a chain got jammed, but it was all in the name of good fun and I returned home with about 85 miles on the clock, tired and hungry. First ride on my 650B-ified RB-1 in over a year (since building up the Kogswell, in fact), and while I still think it's too small for me, it just FLEW over the dirt section in SP Taylor Park. And, call it planing or perhaps it's just the lack of low gears, something about that bike just encourages me to ride hard.
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