Flag and Fence

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    I was driving up the northern coast of California and came across this flag at the gate of a farm. Aside from being a nice flag picture, with the California coastal fog, it "feels" like a scene from a Civil War battlefield.
    September 2004

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    1. Luv 2 Flickr ages ago | reply

      Spectacular shot! Does look like a war going on in the background! Good job!

    2. Jim Frazier ages ago | reply

      artgeek - You're right. But I'm too lazy

      greyrose - thanks

    3. stchuck ages ago | reply

      OK, I am getting tired of saying this, but i found this on interestingness for 12/27 about page 47. Two in one day? Good shooting.

    4. Jim Frazier ages ago | reply

      stchuck - I really appreciate your letting me know! I never get a chance to check that section of flickr (and I'm not sure I'd get 47 pages deep!). It would be neat if they'd send a message or something.
      Anyway, thanks again. BTW, they're both old pix - I'm mixing in some "best ofs" (pix before flickr).

    5. eye of einstein ages ago | reply

      Instant fave for me..very nice

    6. ... Arjun ages ago | reply

      A Civil War battlefield is exactly what I thought when I saw the thumb.

      Great capture.

    7. Jim Frazier ages ago | reply

      ...Arjun - glad you had the same reaction that I had

      eye of einstein - thanks for the fave

    8. Skinnyde ages ago | reply

      Wow, not normally my thing but I had to visit whilst viewing the group pool. So glad I did, nice work.

      (1-2-3 Group)

    9. PhillipC ages ago | reply

      It absolutely feels like a Civil War battlefield. I stopped to look at it precisely because I wondered if it was one of the battlefields I have been to.

      The fact that it isn't adds to its poignancy and its effect (even though as a non-American - well actually an American parented non-citizen non-resident - I find the US thing about the flag rather spooky). 123

    10. ZeeZ ages ago | reply

      Beautiful shot!

    11. *Mark Pennington ages ago | reply

      This is just fabulous!

    12. ladyloneranger ages ago | reply

      The angle of the flag reminds me of the famous photograph of the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima during WWII. Nice catch.

    13. Jim Frazier ages ago | reply

      You're right. It does give that impression.

    14. Tom O'Neill ages ago | reply

      I think this photo is a
      Super Shot
      Please add your photo to www.flickr.com/groups/supershot/
      After you add it to the group pool, please tag this photo as a SuperShot.

    15. skyepeale 89 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! And thanks for putting it in Creative Commons so I could use it to illustrate a post on 9/11!

    16. Jim Frazier 89 months ago | reply

      Please tell me the URL of your post.

    17. PHOTOPHANATIC1 80 months ago | reply

      great picture for Flag Day

    18. skyepeale 80 months ago | reply

      I know - isn't this great?

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