Ice Lantern Tower, Harbin, China

MOSCOW KREMLIN... Soon after, the ice lanterns were all lighted.. the scene looked different.. I just noticed.. i captured the crescent moon.. want to know how it looks when the lights are out? see the other picture before this.

  • MFinChina 9y

    Woah, that one is amazing too. They didn't have anything that beautiful when I was there (not that I'm complaining or anything, because what I saw was still incredible). I'm glad the whole benzene thing didn't spoil the festival.
  • "jYm" 吉姆 9y

    MFinChina, I was actually worried about that benzene thingy.. first, coz, I suppose, the songhua river is near this place.. which makes me think that ergo: the ice blocks were taken from that same river.. but who knows.. thanks for the visit!
  • Donna Sullivan Thomson 9y

    What a beautiful sight that must have been. I would love to see this in person! Great job!!!!!
  • "jYm" 吉姆 9y

    deestea, indeed beautiful.. challenging to see and to capture due to the extremely cold weather.. haha thanks again!!
  • southern beauty 9y

    this is amazing! i must see this for myself one day!
  • "jYm" 吉姆 9y

    southernbeauty, thanks.. indeed, that will be a good dream.. hope it will come true..
  • Dario Sarmadi 9y

  • Lorirules 9y

    So lucky of you to visit. It is one of the wonders in the world.
  • "jYm" 吉姆 9y

    dario, thanks..

    lori, lucky that my german friends asked me to come along.. once in a lifetime.. i guess, there are many taiwanese tourists who visit this place..
  • Steve Webel 9y

    Amazing photograph. I had to fav it instantly!

    Please consider adding this one to China, The Middle Country 中国 flickr group!

  • laz'andre 9y

    ang ganda nmn dyan!
  • "jYm" 吉姆 9y

    steve, thanks so much!! sorry for my delayed response to that.. it would be an honor to add this to that group.

    andre, thanks.. malamig nga lang..
  • Josh Thomas M 9y

    Great shot! Fantastic color!

    China, The Middle Country 中国
  • "jYm" 吉姆 9y

    thanks josh! more like an ice-candy.
  • Robert E. Regala 9y

    Perfect symmetry, unusual lights! Great capture! :)
  • "jYm" 吉姆 9y

    robert, tenk yu po. sabi nga ng isang nagkoment, eyes-candy daw..
  • shawnbchang 8y

    Hi Jim

    This is the most amazing photo on Harbin ice and snow festival I have EVER seen, absolutely amazing. I wish I could be there myself..

    Here is a favor I'm asking. Do you mind uploading this photo for the wikipedia page about this festival?

    And the wiki page about Harbin?

    Absolutely amazing shot, bravo!
  • Juicy J 8y

  • Peter Suk Sin Chan 陳叔善 8y

    beautiful. beautiful.
  • Ursa P. 8y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Yuwie group, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    Wow!! Stunning!!
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