Last Lap, Le Mans 1970

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    June 14, 1970, Hans Herrmann and Dick Attwood, Porsche 917K in the Indianapolis curve. This was the first Porsche to take the overall win at LeMans.

    Scanned from my Kodak Ektachrome slide, photo was taken with a Nikormat FTN and a 200mm Nikon lens.

    1. David Guimarães 103 months ago | reply

      There it is! The 917 Kurzheck! I love it!!!

    2. Photomath? 102 months ago | reply

      Fantastic car!

    3. Nigel Smuckatelli 85 months ago | reply

      Love it! Especially the fact that the spectators are right on the track. Today the safety stewards would be having heart attacks if spectators tried that. Great photo.

    4. gulf908 73 months ago | reply

      I was there in 1973 and two buddies and I trekked through the woods to the Mulsanne Straight and stood with our knees braced against metal guardrails two feet from the track and watched and listened to the cars make that unmistakable thrumming, vibrating howl as they flashed between the rows of trackside trees. An astounding sound that anyone who had stood along the Mulsanne would recognize. I can still hear it in my memory. Makes my neck hairs stand up to this day. Eventually gendarmes across the track tried to chase us away, but they were on the other side of the track. C'est domage! What a fabulous, unforgettable weekend for three 20 something GIs.

    5. olddudders 71 months ago | reply

      Wish I'd been there! I'd seen the 917s and 512s at the Brands Hatch 1000km that Spring, but it was another 27 years before I finally got to Le Mans. Now I live nearby! That was also the weekend I bought my first Nikon - a Nikon F Photomic FTn. In my view, this was the greatest era at LM.

    6. ray rupnow [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      Very cool! These cars are incredible...1200 horse 12 cylinder...

    7. Antsphoto 52 months ago | reply

      Great Shot.

    8. mendaman 48 months ago | reply

      Superb - ditto the comment about the spectators! Particularly the lady on the left with the handbag.

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