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Loveable | by JR's Gallery
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This gorgeous Blue Tit is another of my garden birds. He was born this year and is still producing his full colours so looks really loveable but a tad scruffy.


Blue Tits are often one of the most frequent visitors to the bird garden. As they are such a common sight, they can often be overlooked, but look closely and you’ll see a beautifully colourful bird with its bold blue cap, yellow belly and green and blue back. These incredibly agile birds are rewarding to watch and as they are very adaptable, they are usually the quickest to exploit any new food source, quickly learning to use any new feeder. They are so opportunistic that in some areas Blue Tits even learnt to pierce milk bottle tops for the cream!

Blue tits will nest in any small holes making them common occupants of nest boxes. The nest can be constructed from all manner of material and they will readily utilise wool and downy material put out for them. Blue tits lay large clutches of eggs, typically 10-12, but up to 16 have been recorded. The red-speckled white eggs laid from around mid-April are incubated for 13-15 days. The young fledge after around 16-22 days.

Insects, caterpillars, seeds and nuts are common foods of this acrobatic tit. They will also take advantage of fruit and even take nectar from garden plants. With their incredible agility and ability to learn from others they are quick to exploit new food sources, making them a common and often bold visitor to bird feeders.


Well worth a look in Lightbox


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Taken on May 27, 2011