Stranger 69/100 - Stephen

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I approached Stephen on the patio at Wonderland Ballroom today during our DC Social Flickr Meet-up. From where I was standing I just liked the way he was wearing his hood up and thought he'd probably make a great subject. It wasn't until I sat down and introduced myself did I notice his amazing eyes. He assured me they aren't contacts, but naturally gray.

Stephen is originally from Leeds, England but came to the States about 12 years ago where he admitted it was quite an adjustment. He now happily resides in DC and works as an IT Specialist. He and his friends were super friendly and this photo might end up being one of my favorites of the series. Thanks, Stephen!

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  1. m hoek 73 months ago | reply

    just going to guess here but I bet he see's dead people.

    very cool shot.

  2. 73 months ago | reply

    I'd love to see this bigger and get a look at those eyes...

  3. louisa_catlover 71 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Human Faces: Fascinating Just the Way We Are, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  4. Yulia Gorbachenko [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

    I adore it. His eyes - can't forget.

  5. Adrienne539 68 months ago | reply

    Wow---Those eyes could probably get anything they wanted. Great portrait Jim

  6. FelicianoJ 65 months ago | reply

    Incredible portrait - those eyes are scary good

  7. dcstreets 59 months ago | reply

    Ah, so this is the story behind this picture...

  8. Mr_Darling 59 months ago | reply

    Ah-ha! That's right, Bill. Glad you found your way to the original post.

  9. jilleatsapples 44 months ago | reply

    great bokeh! I love the one in the comments too :D

  10. Fairy_Nuff 44 months ago | reply

    Amazing portrait. My fave from today's Flickr blog.

  11. bysleightofhand1 44 months ago | reply

    Completely stunning. Congrats on the blog - well deserved!

  12. Busy Bea Knits 44 months ago | reply

    The eyes are killer gorgeous...great close-up. Perfect stranger.

  13. PatCoriPix 44 months ago | reply

    The picture is tecnically beautiful, but wow if it tells a story!!!!

  14. Tonp1 44 months ago | reply

    Great shot it's all in the eyes.

  15. no0o0ohr 44 months ago | reply

    wooooooooooooow amazing

  16. David Ruiz Luna 43 months ago | reply

    magnificent portrait

  17. KenjiiWong 42 months ago | reply

    WOW! Awesome! Love this.

  18. KIMAIRA 40 months ago | reply

    I joined flickr some time before, but not used the functions for long time.
    This photo was the first one which touched me in a way that I had the urge that I must 'fav' it. Now, after few months, it still gives me a good feeling when I look at it.
    Thank you for this photo.

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