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Stranger 44/100 - Zhang

Explore! 09/14/08


Safely out of the sun on this very hot late summer day, I noticed this guy sitting just inside Tryst coffeehouse enjoying his book* during today's Adam's Morgan Day Festival. I immediately knew I had to get this shot — but it actually took me three times passing by before I decided to approach him. The front of Tryst is a large windowless area so it makes it easy to be on the sidewalk and interact with patrons inside.


Zhang is reading Winston Churchill's "The Gathering Storm" on a *Kindle — Amazon.com's wireless electronic reading device. It's the first one I've seen in action and it seems like a pretty cool gadget. He is very new to DC having just moved from Philadelphia for work reasons a few months ago. And as it turns out we live about a block away from each other.


We talked for a little bit and he was curious about the project, and whether or not I was a professional or doing this for a hobby. (Uh...the latter.) He asked great questions about how I chose people for the project, and about what other things I like to photograph (urban scenes..um, and whatever strikes me I guess).


I chose this shot for the official post since I felt it really captured the peaceful moment that I first saw and recognized the opportunity for the portrait. Please see this outtake for another view.

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Taken on September 14, 2008