Why So Bloomy?

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    "Watch Dogs Alan Wake 2" - 4800x2700, 2xMSAA, cheat engine table (fov, camera coordinates, time of day), bloom mod by TheWorse

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    1. N1ghtwalker 9 months ago | reply

      Finally a working CE table! Thank so much Jim. I'll try to make good use!

    2. khaledx11 9 months ago | reply

      why so sad ?! :p

    3. Midhras 9 months ago | reply

      It's such an affront that nobody at Ubisoft thought that the game needed atmosphere.

    4. Meepan [deleted] 9 months ago | reply

      That bloom mod! Damn bland game sure needed it. Big improvement. As always, appreciate your CE hacks.

    5. jim2point0 9 months ago | reply

      I've had a few people tell me now that this looks like it's from Alan Wake. Never even crossed my mind.

      This game really could use a dose of atmosphere though. Shooting for realism always ends in a game looking a bit... bland. This is probably why I'm not a fan of Arma's visuals.

    6. courier_ttf 9 months ago | reply

      Wait, that bloom is seen as an improvement? You gotta be kidding...

    7. jim2point0 9 months ago | reply

      Not sure if you're going by my screenshot or the thread examples. This shot is 95% sun glare. The mod itself helps keep the game from looking really flat. Especially at night.

    8. courier_ttf 9 months ago | reply

      Talking about the thread examples, the way it handles lights especially at night isn't exactly pretty. It's not a matter of realism, it's just that I can't see smearing white bloom all over the light sources as an "improvement". I think it looks okay in this screenshot, I'd like to have a way to tweak the bloom config myself, something midway between what we have now (complete lack of bloom where it's needed and bloom in some places that it serves no purpose) to what's in the thread, bloom out the ass.

    9. Gunderic 9 months ago | reply

      Ah yes, the famous mountains of Northern Illinois, haha. Do you think the developers ever actually visited the Chicagoland area?

    10. jim2point0 9 months ago | reply

      I don't care if they pulled some areas from the lush forests of Pennsylvania (lol). This area gives the game some much needed variety. The city gets a bit dull after a while.

    11. -One3rd- 8 months ago | reply

      Excellent shot! This is like the poster board image for the Watch Dogs Mod ATM, I'm seeing it all over the interwebs.

    12. jim2point0 8 months ago | reply

      When I originally posted it in the thread for TheWorse's mod, he liked it enough to put it in his OP. He didn't mention my name, so people just think it's his screenshot to show off the mod. So it's pretty much posted everywhere his mod is posted.

      Which is cool I guess. Glad to get his mod more exposure :)

    13. DigitalEpicness 8 months ago | reply

      Alan wake crossed my mind as well seeing that pic. :)

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