Seath's Judgement

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    "Dark Souls" -7680x4320 internal rendering (DSFix), SweetFX (shaders + aspect ratio), timestop (DSFix), Cheat Engine (Free Camera, FOV, light volume mod)

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    1. DigitalEpicness 14 months ago | reply

      To be honest, I never really understood the hype that was going on with this game, but your latest shots...damn...

    2. Kyokushinoyama 14 months ago | reply

      Note to self : never take a look at these before trying any capture.

    3. jim2point0 14 months ago | reply

      The hype is mostly around just how unique the game is with regards to how it handles difficulty and telling you the story. It's a game that's easy to get engrossed in. And you have to figure everything out for yourself. There are no characters to spout exposition at you. You read every item description and explore every nook and cranny to learn the game's lore and meet all the NPCs. The NPCs usually have their own plot progression as well.

      The combat is the most visceral thing I've ever experienced in a game. It's so well done and very fun and rewarding to get good at.

      With regards to its art style, it's not "technically" amazing and usually pretty polarizing. But with really high internal resolutions, the art shines sooooo much more. I love it. Also, thanks :)

      Seath, man. He almost makes it easy. My cat jumped on my desk and accidentally stepped on the screenshot key and took a beautiful shot of Seath. The challenge is coming up with something interesting. Let's see what Duncan comes up with :) His "rejects" are better than most of my stuff.

    4. nbnt 14 months ago | reply

      Holy fridge. That's the best DS screenshot I've seen so far. Just SO DAMN GOOD.

    5. jim2point0 14 months ago | reply

      That's worth like 10 favorites, making this one of the best screenshots I've ever uploaded =P

      I fear though that Seath is going to be the highlight of the game for me. I mean... how do you top that? You don't.

    6. Kyokushinoyama 14 months ago | reply

      If favs had something to do with Q....
      Remember Duncan uploading gorgeous pieces and being faved 2 times ? ;)
      Nexsux spirit all the fucking way.
      Also, Seath... True.
      Thus said, I'm waiting for what you'll pull off the very last areas of that game... ;)

    7. jim2point0 14 months ago | reply

      My point is that comments mean more to me :P

      Anywho, we shall see. There's still quite a few places yet to visit. I visited the Demon Ruins briefly. I couldn't really come up with anything for Ceaseless Discharge. There's so much contrast and bloom with those lava scenes.... yikes.

    8. Kyokushinoyama 14 months ago | reply

      Yeah, black and red, and in your face preferably...
      I rather meant about the *latest* part, after you open the last gates. Some magic w/ high res has to be done here, I'm sure.
      I feel you about the comments. I hate it when my shots are faved 40 times and there's not even one constructive comment about it, I mean something else than " Oh, that's awwwwessooommme ! ". :/
      I'd kill for someone writhing " Hey, the framing sux " or " Did you try this or that ? " , " I love THIS or THAT, I dislike THIS or THAT " most of times.
      Even Duncan made a good pun about that "AWSOM" thing one day on one of my shots. And he was the fuck right.
      Did he totally skip publishing on Flickr BTW ?

    9. jim2point0 14 months ago | reply

      Yeah, he's not posting to Flickr anymore. He's rather active in the DET forums though. For now.

      And if you really want feedback, this thread is awesome.

    10. Kyokushinoyama 14 months ago | reply

      AWESOME !
      God, what do I have to do there ? :/

    11. jim2point0 14 months ago | reply

      Create the screenshot thread for Skyrim and post away :P

      I can't believe someone hasn't created one for Skyrim yet.

    12. Kyokushinoyama 14 months ago | reply

      Yeah, there I maybe have something to do...
      And what's the fecking code to post a shot there ?.... :P Noob here :/

    13. jim2point0 14 months ago | reply

      It's HTML if you want to do it manually. There's an image button on the post editor though. Click that and just paste your URL. It will do the rest for you.

      It's probably a good idea to follow the usual format for the first post in a game thread. Look at this one for MorrowWind, for example. Usually it goes:

      Banner image
      Publisher \ Developer \ engine \ any other details you find useful
      Description of the game
      Common tools
      · · · ·
      Some screenshots

      If I have time I can do that top part for you :)

    14. Kyokushinoyama 14 months ago | reply

      Yeah, plz do ! Lazy here :/ :)

    15. Gunderic 14 months ago | reply

      everything about this shot is amazing. i especially like the bloom reflecting off seath's wings. a lore-related thought just occurred to me-- if he's crystal from the waist down, does that mean his experiments have paid off and he's half way to achieving the immortality he so covets? or have the experiments backfired, effectively paralyzing him and rendering him vulnerable?

    16. jim2point0 14 months ago | reply

      Well I doubt I'm knowledgeable enough to answer that one. The lore in this game fascinates me, but I've so much more to learn about it.

      As for being perfect, it's definitely not. Look at my character's eye-line. Why is he not looking UP at the boss? Well, it's mostly because even though the game is "paused," adjusting camera rotation also adjusts the characters head tilt. So if I'm looking level, so is my character.

    17. Gunderic 14 months ago | reply

      i think he's looking at the crystals because he's pondering the same lore-related question as i am....yeah, that's it......

      that is an interesting quirk about the eye line behavior though. i hadn't actually noticed that when i was using it. i probably will now though, hopefully it won't ruin shooting this game for me!

    18. jim2point0 14 months ago | reply

      I'll just make it worse for you. Pointing up, looking straight.

    19. Gunderic 14 months ago | reply

      in both this screenshot and the one you just posted, i don't think i would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. in other words, you've done an excellent job concealing the problem without resorting to altering the image. the thing about dark souls is that depending on what kind of helm you're wearing and how much of your character's eyes are exposed, i feel like you can suspend disbelief with regard to where he might be looking. for instance in this shot i took i'm setting the scene to basically evoke the idea that my character is challenging the gargoyle, and since his face is obscured, i can easily imagine that he's doing a menacing lowering-head-while-scowling look, much like Tetsuo here in this cap from Akira

    20. FOXKAZ 13 months ago | reply

      Awesome screenshot! Maybe i must again download this game and finally finish it.

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