The Fortress Awaits

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    A lot of light mod tweaking to remove the color grading here (brightens up the scene, as they use color grading for darkness). I changed the colors, and then added contrast back in. It's a powerful script, that.

    My last screenshot of this area looked like this, and you can see it's much darker in that shot and hard to make out details.

    "Dark Souls" -7680x4320 internal rendering (DSFix), SweetFX (shaders + aspect ratio), timestop (DSFix), Cheat Engine (Free Camera, FOV, light volume mod)

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    1. Kyokushinoyama 13 months ago | reply

      So.... SLI or nope ?

    2. jim2point0 13 months ago | reply

      I tried SLI. It seemed like it was working because my GPUs were both working, but they were only working at 50-60%. I couldn't leave it turned on though because SweetFX stopped capturing screenshots for me. I'd press the button but nothing would happen :(

    3. Kevkas* 13 months ago | reply

      Cool shot! O.O

    4. darkdeus 13 months ago | reply

      Nice! Soo are you close to getting past Sens Fortress?

    5. jim2point0 13 months ago | reply

      This is where I stopped last night. Took a while to set up the light mod to get it to look like this, then I called it quits :) When I get more time, I'll try a few of the Iron Giant. After that, it's all new territory for me.

    6. darkdeus 13 months ago | reply

      Awesome you have some great areas coming up. You'll be able to access the DLC as well soon.

    7. jim2point0 13 months ago | reply

      It's a cool weapon, indeed ^^

      Been trying to learn aobscan in cheat engine, which is going well. I felt I needed to take a small break from Dark Souls. Also, now that I'm looking at this, I regret pausing it with part of the lizard man covered up. Would be cool if you can see him whole. Have him just standing there thinking "just think, when you pass all those axes, you have me to deal with."

    8. Midhras 7 months ago | reply

      Why I have not favourited some of these shots, it's beyond me!

    9. jim2point0 7 months ago | reply

      Not sure. This is definitely one of my favorites :P

      I really miss having the color grading to play with. The lighting parameters I found for DS2 weren't nearly as tidy. Much harder to get the results you wanted quickly. I'd have to include 24 or so values to tweak, as they all do very specific things and it's not always obvious. This is why I haven't really uploaded a table with it all yet...

    10. Midhras 7 months ago | reply

      Keep at it!

    11. post-hoc-ergo-propter-hoc 6 weeks ago | reply

      Ooh I just found this one. So cool. Looks like a real "oh shit" moment.

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