Read Across Reno County: BEGIN AGAIN: 150 Kansas Poems
Along with serving as the 2009-2012 Poet Laureate, Mirriam-Goldberg is a long-time transformative language artist. As a poet, fiction and non-fiction writer, teacher, mentor, and facilitator, she explores and celebrates how the spoken, written and sung word can help us live more meaningful and vibrant lives. She is the founder of Transformative Language Arts at Goddard College (where she teaches), and facilitator of Brave Voice workshops and she values social and personal transformation through the spoken, written and sung word. Her books include BEGIN AGAIN: 150 KANSAS POEMS; THE DIVORCE GIRL (novel to be released this year); AN ENDLESS SKYWAY: POETRY FROM THE STATE POETS LAUREATE; LANDED; THE SKY BEGINS AT YOUR FEET: A MEMOIR ON CANCER, COMMUNITY & COMING HOME TO THE BODY; and THE POWER OF WORDS: A TRANSFORMATIVE LANGUAGE ARTS READER. In addition, she has written three collections of poetry, an award-winning writing guide, and edited anthologies by people living with serious illness, and low-income women of color.
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