Get Off My Lawn... or Outta My Hardware Store

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    In all seriousness, Cmon' people the Saggy Pants era was so '07 Gangster. Leave it to a hardware store to call out modern day fashions faux pas!. These days all the single ladies want you pants up while you put a ring on it.

    If you have never been to the last Great American Hardware store in the south... then you need to visit Curry-Thomas Hardware near downtown Jacksonville. You won't find many places like this left on the U.S. Map. They have Hardware, A Gunsmith, every dang taxidermy animal you can think of (Seriously... Lions, Tigers, Bears) and a full cast of Gentleman that Clint Eastwood's Character in "Gran Torino" could have been based on. It's Americana at its best. The only things it's missing is a barber shop. Photo: Lonnie

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