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Star Trek Ships and Stuff

Please do not blog this work. Thank you very much. And for God's sake! PLEASE ALSO VIEW THE NEWER VERSION with the ships from the 2009 film. It's worth it, really. It's a better composition. Take a look.


But first, you know you want to see the REALLY BIG VERSION of this one.


So, anyway, my friend Robb mentioned that he'd like to have a poster of all the Star Trek space ships. I did some searching and found nothing even approaching what I imagined, so I thought I'd make him one. It has 135 layers in Photoshop. I'm an idiot. The original is 4'x2'.


And yes, I know, some ships show up more than once. Deal with it. Everything was done on purpose. Of course, I don't know what half the ships are, so if you'd lke to add a note identifying the various races, please feel free to do so.


And just so the Star Trek corp. doesn't kill me, I should let you know that this poster is not for sale, and I am not profiting financially in any way from the creation of this piece. I have printed it only for a friend, and don't even have my own copy.

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Taken on July 14, 2007