• Tiny free Moto phone instead of my iMate JAM.
  • Nick(it) wallet
  • Fischer Space Pen
  • 3x5 index cards

HPDA gear

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See the the folded view.

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  1. ccgus 93 months ago | reply

    That's a neat wallet, where did you get it? Searching for nick(it) doesn't bring up much for me.

  2. MarcSimcox 93 months ago | reply

    It looks like a passport wallet, but i dont have my passport with me so i cant test dimensions of it and a 3x5 card

  3. Joe_Mahoney 93 months ago | reply

    I found a similar item, with many fewer pockets at Office Depot near the spiral notebooks section (I'm sure all the stores have similar layouts.)

    It folds at the top and is just big enough to hold a set of 3x5 cards or a top spiral 3x5 notebook. Leather or pleather, at least.

    I like it, but this one looks better and would eliminate my wallet.

  4. jibbajabba 93 months ago | reply

    It might be close to the size of a passport wallet. It's not a small thing. It's 5 3/4" on the long side and 3 7/8" on the short. I added a picture of the the folded view as well.

    The thing I like about it is the pockets and the soft, super thin leather. Sticks out a little in a back pocket, but fits nicely in my cargo pants. All my pants are cargos actually. I don't think you can by the Nick(it) wallet incidentally. It's pretty unremarkable and some might feel it's cheap feeling because of its thickness, but the leather is supple and soft.

    I posted a link and comment about a similar wallet I have from Levenger, which came close, but wasn't as good as the Nick(it).

  5. riftweaver 93 months ago | reply

    I'm impressed that you were able to go from a smartphone to a basic (and small) phone! I do love my symbian phone, so that would be tough for me.

  6. jibbajabba 93 months ago | reply

    riftweaver: I'm on a simplification kick. Since I removed the Internet access from my phone, I found that I rarely need the PIM features away from my computer. I didn't think that would happen either.

  7. riftweaver 93 months ago | reply

    Interesting, jibbajabba. In my case, I rely heavily on the calendar in my N7610. Both for appointments, and birthday reminders, which I'd be lost without. Unless I too started carrying around some lo-fi way of reminding myself these things.

  8. jaspes_dad 93 months ago | reply

    Very cool. Paper vs. PDA.

    Paper needs no batteries.
    Paper always has perfect handwriting recognition.
    Paper comes from a renewable resource and can create far less toxic waste.
    Paper can be used to leave messages under wipers on windshields, wedged in doorjambs, slipped into pockets or purses, passed from hand to hand, or folded into a paper football and finger-kicked into the next cubicle.
    Paper isn't likely to be stolen while your attention is elsewhere.
    Paper doesn't break if you accidently bump it off a table or drop it down a flight of stairs.
    Paper is easily found and inexpensively replaced.

    Paper wins, I think.

  9. rosaenhorningen 88 months ago | reply

    Paper always has perfect handwriting recognition.

    *cough* No, not quite.

  10. prettydark 65 months ago | reply

    *cough* No, not quite.


  11. CassandraPaige 62 months ago | reply

    I bet this is a Top-Stub checkbook cover...they are difficult to find, but they are out there.

  12. jibbajabba 62 months ago | reply

    It's a wallet by Nick(it).

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