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Saturn V (my take)

Today I checked out a post made by Trey Ratcliff on www.stuckincustoms.com where he was highlighting some of his favorite NASA shots. Trey had just visited Florida for the last launch of the Space Shuttle. One of the images he posted was an HDR of the Saturn V rocket which is part of an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center. When I saw it I though, 'hey, I have a shot like that'.


My family had visited the space center in December and I remember taking some several shots of the full size Saturn V rocket they have on display. I thought this shot from the command module was pretty cool, but I never got around to processing and posting it. Seeing Trey's image motivated me to finish my interpretation.


The shot was made from 5 exposures and initially I used Photomatix to merge the images and do the tone mapping. However, this was shot hand held and there were some elements on the edges that had moved slightly and I didn't like how they looked. I decided to try Photoshop's HDR processing because in my experience it does a better job with merging hand held images. After the basic HDR processing in Photoshop, I used a couple filters from OnOne's PhotoTools to add a bit more edge to the shot.


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Taken on December 26, 2010