i'm lovin' IT

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    1. tnachtrab 82 months ago | reply

      What clarity of image and what juxtaposition of subjects and what great timing to catch the System Initialization!

    2. Joie de Vivre 82 months ago | reply

      The funniest part is that "System Initialized" has been scrolling by for days now.

    3. tnachtrab 82 months ago | reply

      That IS the funniest part. I should have guessed!

    4. tnachtrab 82 months ago | reply

      Open Question:
      James's photo here is outstanding, extraordinary.
      But not significantly more so than most of James's always exceptional photos.

      So my question: Why, do we suppose, that this particular photo has gathered so many views in such a short period? 600 in 24 hours. It deserves them certainly, but why does it seem to be so exceptionally well-viewed, relative to his other gems???

      I have a few speculations, but I'd love to hear yours.

    5. vingt_deux 82 months ago | reply

      good question... maybe there are a lot of non-flickr members who keep an eye on the funny pool? i would hate to think that people actually search on a mcdonald's tag.

    6. tnachtrab 82 months ago | reply

      Thanks, vingt_deux for two suggestions:
      #1: Flickr non-regulars check and view the "funny pool"
      #2: Many people deliberately search on "McDonald's"

    7. tnachtrab 82 months ago | reply

      More information to consider while we speculate:

      Based on a sample of ten of James's most recent Explore images, James's 'normal' ratio of FAVES to VIEWS averages 1 to 10 (10%).

      The ratio of FAVES to VIEWS for "i'm lovin' IT" is 1 to 300 (3 tenths of 1%).
      That's less than 'normal' by a factor of 30.

    8. Joie de Vivre 82 months ago | reply

      An interesting discussion!

      I didn't add it to the funny pool until it was up near 600 views, so that wasn't it. I'm sure the abnormal number of views is a combination of being a novelty photo and being linked to in a blog. It got up to ~575 views overnight, but dropped off a cliff after that.

    9. tnachtrab 82 months ago | reply

      Ah, interesting . . . How did the the 'blog link' come about?

      (And we can take speculation #1 off our list)

    10. vingt_deux 82 months ago | reply

      (i really think we can take #2 off our list too!)

    11. Joie de Vivre 82 months ago | reply

      "Blog link" is a standard explanation of high view numbers :)

    12. tnachtrab 82 months ago | reply

      Ah... a hypothesized blog link, not a specific one known to you?
      I'm getting it; kind of like some of the dust from the wing of one of the fairies happened to fall on one of your bean sprouts yesterday.

      (but I'm still naive enough to keep looking for economic and political forces that influence the fight paths of fairies and the vectors of blog links. I'll let you know when I find them) ;)

    13. fotogail 82 months ago | reply

      title of the week, too!

    14. Yukon White Light 82 months ago | reply

      What a find! I am lovin' it!

    15. hemlock_martini 81 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I'll take a large System Initialized, medium fries and an orange drink...what do you mean you don't offer it? It's on your sign, isn't it? I wanna speak to your manager!

    16. TorontoPianoTuning 54 months ago | reply

      The reason it got so many views is because it hit the 2nd page of Reddit.com's FUNNY.

    17. fretn 54 months ago | reply

      you mean 28 months ago ? :)

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