Lowe's Yorktown Grand Opening
April 4, 2019 was the official Grand Opening of the Lowe’s store in Yorktown. It was a long time coming and required a lot of effort by many people to get this done. I am happy to have been a small part of the team that worked to get this site developed and to be on hand to participate in the opening ceremony. It is a beautiful store and it brings a tremendous economic boost to Yorktown and created hundreds of jobs for local residents. It also brings a competitive atmosphere to the industry that will benefit consumers of these products. Congratulations to all involved!

This was especially a pleasure for me to witness since having this store planned Peekskill 13 years ago when I was mayor. We had an agreement in place for a Target to be constructed on Lower South Street with a Lowe’s to be added across the street. A common council majority voted to approve and the developer had the site plan ready to go. Unfortunately, the administration that followed mine cancelled the deal and Peekskill lost out on 600+ jobs and millions of tax dollars, not to mention two great stores for the community. A tremendous opportunity lost that will probably never be able to return.

Here is more information on the Target/Lowe’s plan:



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