Mt. Rainier

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Lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier. Taken from my home in Puyallup WA.
11/20/ 2004


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  1. hangglide 31 months ago | reply

    Yeah I think these are actually called "Sci-fi clouds" and that is Mount Shasta, CA. Also Richard Blakeley took that photo. It says so right here:

  2. Opimentas 30 months ago | reply

    View your work and landscape,
    is getting to be a nice gift
    of great artistic sensibility.
    Congratulations on your excellent photo.
    Have you a nice day and wonderful weekend.
    Manhã no pantanal ( Morning in the marsh )

  3. mlhradio 28 months ago | reply

    Congratulations on receiving more than 25,000 views -- that's quite impressive! Now that you've reached this milestone, you might want to consider graduating this photograph from the 'Views: 5000' group to the 'Views: 25,000' group, which can be found here:

    Once again, congratulations and hopefully your photos will receive many more views in the future! Reminder: Photos should only be in one 'Views:xx' group at a time. (This is an automatic message posted to all items in the 'Views: 5000' group that receive more than 25,000 views. There is no need to reply to this message.)

  4. aranem 27 months ago | reply

    This image is on five different facebook pages that I've seen. I've taken it off my page but it seems now that it's been posted online it may be beyond your control.

  5. hue.verse 24 months ago | reply

    nice catch!

  6. ouistitis 21 months ago | reply

    Stunning shot !

  7. silverheart70 20 months ago | reply

    What fabulous ships...

  8. tslavant 20 months ago | reply

    ugh, there is a conflict here of names and dates

  9. @Daman 16 months ago | reply


  10. Starlisa 15 months ago | reply

    Crazy how easy it was for me to do a reverse image search for this and find you, wonder why so many other people use it and claim it! I am a lenticular shooter also, and this is a shot to be proud of, congrats!

    found it here

  11. warthoax 12 months ago | reply

    James L. no real name given
    credit you how?

  12. penelopepi 11 months ago | reply If you are for sure the original photographer, and you have the original photo, then you might want to stop knave from claiming it as his own, and also ask KGW to take the photo down. It also says the photographer is not known according to SNOPES.

  13. 3dit0r 11 months ago | reply

    Any way for me to share this with a link and credit?

  14. Starlisa 7 months ago | reply

    I get so frustrated for you about the way this photo has gone wild with a million false claims about where and by who this was taken! Even snopes thinks it might be Mt St Helens... and no clue who took it they say. I try to let people know when I can just where this comes from ( your stream). 8 months ago the reverse image search brought your post up fairly easily... but now there are pages and pages of myths and tales and misconceptions.

  15. betty.doran 7 months ago | reply

    Just saw this shared by Starlisa..... Great job James L - those lenticular clouds are amazing! Thanks for sharing here, and thanks to Starlisa for introducing me to it - and your work!:)

  16. AVWAR BnB 7 months ago | reply

    Love the clearly stated sentiment. If only there was a way to track the buggers down who steal our pics. (I also saw this shared by Starlisa.) I have photo on Flickr right now with over 8,000 views and am pretty sure they're all not just viewing! Also have view of Rainier and post many pics of the mountain. Will definitely use a similar sentiment to yours when I post in the future. Thank you.

  17. aprilsongstressdesigns 7 months ago | reply

    Amazing image. I hope you start getting credit for this wonderful image.

  18. cgmatF 5 months ago | reply

    Greetings James L ... This is a spectacular photo indeed. So sorry to see that you've had to deal with people stealing your photo and taking credit ... such a shame .. on them! ...How would I go about getting your permission to use this and other photos of yours on Google+? I often use photos from flickr that are "Some Rights Reserved" ... I shorten the url and post it along with the photo in my posts. I don't know if you allow use at all since all of yours seem to be only "All Rights Reserved" I saw your message above re "If you're going to steal this .... then at least give proper photo credit."I'm left uncertain about how to proceed in getting your permission ... I've avoided using photos that are not clearly "free to use" with proper attribution and would appreciate your, or anyone else in this comment threads, advice. Thank you.

  19. cgmatF 5 months ago | reply

    I searched for you on Google+... to no avail. If you would be so kind to respond ... you can reach me at: via Google+ with private post or Gmail. Thanks again :-)

  20. lingham30 3 months ago | reply

    Beautiful lenticular.

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