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American family tragedy

Dr. Samuel Adams was for many years the town doctor in Truro, Massachusetts. In 1774, Adams was the attending physician to his 24-year-old second wife, Abigail (née Jordan), when she died shortly after giving birth to their son Aden. The boy himself died a few weeks later. Their grave markers stand beside each other in Truro's Old North Cemetery. As if this tragic circumstance wasn't enough strain on the poor man, his very livelihood was also in danger. At the start of the American Revolution, Dr. Adams found himself in a political quandary. He was at the mercy of Truro's loyalist faction — some of whom expressed interest in burning down his house, but most of whom instead blacklisted him and refused to seek his services. Adams joined the Continental Army and offered his services as a surgeon. After the war, Adams settled in Ipswich MA for a time before moving on to Bath ME, where he died in 1819.


[Hasselblad 500 C/M; Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm]

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Taken in June 2011