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November18 321/365

Today was awful. Fell asleep on the couch last night fully clothed and slightly drunk. Woke up this morning feeling dirty and sore. Took a shower and left. Went to Roseville. Did some shopping. Lunch at Chipotle.

Drove around. Work at 5PM. For working just a half day I would never have imagined that so much could go wrong in six hours.

A bounced check, a verbal confrontation followed by a woman being escorted out by security, a threat phoned in before we closed, the till was off nearly a thousand dollars, had to call our store manager at least seven times, the stress of making sure we left a paper trail three miles long and two miles wide to ensure that if anything went wrong that we would not be blamed for it, and then three crucial emails to people who could easily ruin my life in two words.


Drinks, pancakes, and talking with John after work. I still feel way too tightly wound to go back to work tomorrow morning.

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Taken on November 18, 2011