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    So, you know that 23-week-old pipsqueak? She's 11 months now (however many weeks that is). Whaaaat??

    This photo was taken on Fathers' Day back in June. That's my dad, Mia's pop, on my left, and my dad's dad, my pop, on my right. Mia was teething in this photo, hence the fingers in the mouth, and now she's got two pearly bottom teeth to show for it. Another four (all at once, poor thing) are currently coming in on top. Yikes.


    1. jacqui | happy jack eats 31 months ago | reply

      Wait, that's almost a year! How did this happen?! She'll be in college soon.

    2. Jenblossom 31 months ago | reply

      What a great photo! Julian followed the same pattern - all four of his top teeth came in at once, but I think it was actually easier for him than the first two! Hopefully it will be similarly easy for Mia :)

    3. katez0r 31 months ago | reply

      This is just wonderful, you look gorgeous, Jess! and, Mia, oh, I think I'd smooch that face all day.

    4. sassyradish 31 months ago | reply

      love everything about this picture, especially the 4 generations... beautiful.

    5. { nina } 31 months ago | reply

      how sweet! what a peach she is, what beautiful blue eyes! how is it possible she is almost one!

    6. Jess | Sweet Amandine 31 months ago | reply

      Hi guys!

      Thanks for your sweet notes.

      I've totally been holding out on you! I'm basically a crazy hoarder lady, the way I've taken zillions of Mia photos, meticulously labeled them and organized them on my hard drive in folders according to week -- and then kept them all for myself! (And a few family members who've gotten prints.) Maybe I'll get my act together for a little Mia retrospective, Flickr style...

      In other news: Did I tell you that all three of my film cameras failed me in the weeks before Mia was born? They did, but I finally got around to doing something about it, and I just got word that my Nikon FM2 is ready for pick-up! Can't wait to get shooting again.

      Hope summer has been treating you well.


    7. marthasnail 31 months ago | reply

      oh i love this photo of all of you! and i miss you jess. send me your address so i can send you a few treats. xo

    8. Jess | Sweet Amandine 31 months ago | reply

      Shari, hi! I miss you, too. Didn't I send my address? I thought I did - but maybe not... I have something for you, too. Will drop it in the mail. xo.

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