"Listen To Your Mother" Event
Just in time for Mother’s Day, award-winning radio documentarian and oral storyteller Dave Isay visited the New Center for Arts and Culture in Boston to pay tribute to the most influential, fascinating, and indomitable figure in Jewish history--your Mom!

Isay is the editor of the new book MOM: A Celebration of Mothers, a collection of oral histories of mothers and motherhood in America. He talked about the women in the book and the importance of listening to the stories of ordinary people. He also played recordings of mothers telling their own life stories and was joined live by several special guests--some of Boston’s best-known and dynamic Jewish mothers, including Jayne Guberman, Ph.D., former Director of Oral History at the Jewish Women's Archive, and her mother-in-law and stepmother Millie Kravetz.

Jayne and Millie were interviewed as a part of Storycorps in the fall of 2006 and their story will appear in MOM: A Celebration of Mothers.
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