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    Due to hardware defects had to work with two computers and four displays simultaniously. I myself was impressed of what a single human being can bear.

    How to focus on four machines? Nowbody really knows, but it seems to be natural nowadays. Or am I the only one who suffers technomania?

    See the regarding video here. It's not about display consumption, it's about social changes in times of web2.0.

    1. k g h s f 98 months ago | reply

      my my this is impressive.

    2. williamcho 98 months ago | reply

      Looks like you'll need to transplant another 2 sets of eyes for better efficiency. Otherwise, quite a stress to your neck. Really envy your setup. Congrats and happy working. Cheers!

    3. Veee Man 98 months ago | reply

      Indeed. Our new cancer center has four monitors arranged similarly, which our therapists use to control the medical linear accelerator for giving patients radiation therapy. Initially they thought it would be overwhelming, but now they love it.

      Seen in Loneliness pool.

    4. zer(o_0)ne [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

      i understand you very well, i'm working on 2 pc with one TFT and i'm remote on 3 to 5 other servers. often i'm wondering why this or this command won't work, till i realize that i'm on the wrong mashine.... 4 Displays would be better 4 me, cause so i could get a better overview whta is what ^^

    5. donnacv 98 months ago | reply

      Well this image is very well done artistically and photo-journalistically as well.I have a friend who works this way while trouble shooting, it amazes me to watch her in action.

    6. Sevenof9FL 98 months ago | reply

      This has been around for a few years - stock traders who work for mutual funds companies do this regularly while watching multiple stock exchanges; I used to buy quad video cards for pc's back in the day when only one company made them and they were expensive as @#$#$#!

    7. A-Wop-Bop-A-Loo-Bop! 95 months ago | reply

      Shit, you got it bad - Doctor... the screens!


    8. classbrain1 10 months ago | reply

      Awesome photo.. captured the best look... I've modifed the screens for our corporate page... Hope you like it.

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