• What a lovely colour. - ozjimbob
  • I think this is a banjo. - jessamyn
  • It is a banjo! That whiteboard used to have an elaborate drawing of a castle, and the banjo was tearing the earth up to the moat in a firey assault -- but then we needed to take some work-related notes. Bah!

josh vs. the Voodoo Doughnuts Tex-Ass glazed

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Fella leaving our department in the next week or so decided to go by Voodoo Doughnuts and spring for donuts. Mostly it was fritters and bacon maple bars, but I knew I wanted a Tex-Ass and put in the order special.

All donuts should come in their own cake boxes.

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  1. Jesus H. Shatner 95 months ago | reply

    It's all an elaborate ruse, rouseville.

  2. BSTree 95 months ago | reply

    I've warned you before about eating the hemeroid pillow! Under you not IN you!

  3. Chibi Mech 95 months ago | reply

    That's the sexiest thing i've ever seen...

  4. shelleycat [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

    I showed this to a friend of mine which lead to a few minutes of 'those bloody Americans' with xenophobic eyerolling and smug feelings of superiority. Except I'm secretly jealous inside and I think my friend is too.

  5. Jesus H. Shatner 94 months ago | reply

    Donut: divider of nations.

  6. roboppy 94 months ago | reply

    Just wanted you to know that in honor of National Donut Day, I posted this photo on Serious Eats. THE WORLD MUST KNOW OF THE TEX-ASS DONUT! :)

  7. Jesus H. Shatner 94 months ago | reply

    Ha! Thanks, roboppy!

  8. Eyra_ 94 months ago | reply

    Amazing!... it's the perfect donut!

  9. La Mariposa 94 months ago | reply

    It'd be even funnier if that was a regular donut and you were really tiny.

  10. ck1004 93 months ago | reply

    this is my kind of a donut! funny shot :D

  11. Slackshow_baby13 [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

    i LOVE voodoo donuts!
    Oddly, I found this picture while on a search for bacon for some reason. and being a native portlander, I knew instantly that wasn't a "normal" donut. :)

  12. Han_ a_Melbournoisseur 91 months ago | reply

    No freaking way. I would go on a permanent sugar high! Awesome!

  13. September McKinney 88 months ago | reply

    ummmm... could I please have a bite? just a teeeensy one? I swear you won't notice!

  14. Superchou 84 months ago | reply

    we demand donuts
    Please join We Demand Donuts, add your
    photo and upload more photos on April 16,
    The Day of the Donut. Find a meet-up in your area!

  15. billyjoebobjunior 76 months ago | reply

    That's a bigass donut.

  16. silverado_f 75 months ago | reply

    you havent had anything till youve tried the cock n balls doughnut lol seriously they deliver at one airport in seatle too and theres 2 voodoos in portland now mmm maple bacon bar now I'm gonna have to get on a plan and go to portland lol (I live in cali)

  17. Jesus H. Shatner 70 months ago | reply

    Heh, looks like this is going around a bit again. Hi, internet people!

  18. Ψ-kặωặĭĭ-Ðévil-Ψ 70 months ago | reply

    Hahaha so funny XDDD
    So big..I bit it's so YummY~~ =3
    Can I have some? XP

  19. Lara604 59 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Pieholes!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    That is awesome.

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