• i dont know how to really explain this, but the amount of professionalism and wonderfulness this photo exhudes is astounding. wow. - Ramighi

On American Soil

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I've always had the dream and urge to travel to a different country. Sometimes I wish I wasn't American.

it looks good on black and thats the real black not flickr.

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  1. MadelineGibson 67 months ago | reply

    Wow, this is beautiful! Amazing depth of meaning.

  2. May Dantas 67 months ago | reply

    Come to Brazil, I'm pretty sure that you will enjoy it a lot !!
    And this is really gorgeous btw !

  3. Eliendale 67 months ago | reply

    You're like a bird!

  4. Jacksonian22 67 months ago | reply

    This has such a great concept, and I also really love the darkness here!! It's really beautiful!!

  5. Molly Lichten 67 months ago | reply

    I still can't believe how good you've gotten lately, Nikki. Each new picture you post always blows me away.

  6. 220495 67 months ago | reply

    ah man, you're so amazing

  7. andreawphotography [deleted] 67 months ago | reply


  8. {sandy.feeet} [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    Why are so you spectacular?!

  9. leezzaah 67 months ago | reply

    at first i thought it was fire

  10. Dandelion Wish [deleted] 67 months ago | reply


  11. Rora Elisabeth 67 months ago | reply

    I really love the darkness of this and how it makes the colors stand out.

    And I find that traveling to different countries always makes me appreciate the US more, not because it's better, but because it shows me the things that I love about it.

  12. kelly rosen. 67 months ago | reply

    I love how the colors in the flag stand out against all the dark brown and that focus is really amazing. :)

  13. André Varela 67 months ago | reply

    Amazing!! So sharp!!

  14. Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate 66 months ago | reply

    Why would you wish you weren't American? Sure these days our country has issues but so does every other country....anyway I love this photo...

  15. nikki chicoine. 66 months ago | reply

    Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate i just feel isolated is all, it has nothing to do with actually being american, i love the idea of living in a country where you can easily travel to other countries, like how Europe is so close together. I want to experience different culture!

  16. She was Anouk 66 months ago | reply

    Nikki Chicoine oh nikki I can understand why you think it's easier to be european so you can travel more, because we are indeed close to each other, but on the other hand it's not always as easy as it looks like. I've more to the outside of europe than in it, because no matter how close you are you need money to travel, and that's an issue as it is in there :( but please come here! yes?

  17. Maryam.Kh. 66 months ago | reply

    Oh my this is pretty fantastic!!!

  18. Mateus Barreto Fotografia 65 months ago | reply

    Do you really wish you weren't american?. I wish I wasn't Brazilian several times
    when I put this into my mind , I can't let this get outta my head. By the way, amazing picture (=

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