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365/365 | by jessieroth
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I have never been one to keep things short, so in constant attempt to do so, here goes:


so a lot can happen in a year, you know? this year was the most significant of my life and I am so proud that I have a collection of pictures to show for it. I committed to something and stuck with it for the first time, let go of old friendships and made new ones, learned to love where I am from, was the saddest and then the happiest I have ever been, stood up for myself, developed a sense of sarcasm, received my worst grade, survived, became comfortable with talking about my future, realized what I love and that I knew all along, made choices, none of them easy, gave advice and didn't take it, spent an entire summer home, listened to new music, learned, grew, matured, changed. I am not who I was last october, and that is the point.


now today is day three hundred and sixty-five. a year ago, I started this project with three objectives: become a better photographer, document my year, and become more comfortable with showing my face in pictures. I remember every step along the way because, as I'd like to point out, this project is about the journey, not the destination


I do think I have improved, but not for the reasons I had a year ago. fifteen-year-old me wanted to reach day 365 with an impressive collection of pictures and an air of success and pride of conquering something so big. sixteen-and-almost-seventeen-year-old me has reached day 365 and is proud to say that I take pictures to express, not to impress. it is less about the technicalities of picture-taking and more about the contents of a picture or better yet, the essence. although those things are still important, I never planned on looking at my pictures and feeling the way I do right now. I just wanted to reach the end and reach it in an impressive way.


I also think that this project is different for everybody who tries to tackle, tame, and eventually complete it. for me, it was always about documenting my year and taking a picture every single day no matter the circumstances. I didn't like every picture, not by a long shot, but I can tell you that each one evokes something (most probably a memory) in me and if I'm lucky, in you. documenting my year gradually became a process that was less about me and more about everything actually around me. about halfway through, I stopped taking a daily self portrait because I wanted to photograph life in general. a few months ago, I started shooting film for the same reasons.


well I told you I am no good at keeping things short. I'll end with a giant and genuine THANK YOU. thank you parents and my best friends and thank you to anyone who has ever so much as viewed a picture of mine. that includes comments, favorites, testimonials, messages, everything. thank you.

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Taken on October 1, 2010