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*ignore how my face looks, this is partly candid and one of the only decent shots i got




went to school, walked into town after school, bought a new pair of jeans that were 75% off retail price, went home, went to the city, had an amazing day in the city, just came home


"oh, dad. it's 10:13 PM. i should probably take today's picture?"

"we're on the sidewalk in the middle of new york city, what are you going to do?"

"i can put my camera on that ledge there and put the timer on"

"alright go for it"


so i'm crouched next to a foot-high ledge in the middle of new york city, fiddling with the settings on my camera, and i guess i must have looked pretty weird because a man leans out of his car and takes a picture of me on his iphone. kind of creepy, but it was more entertaining. so then i press the timer, and as i do, a huge group of people walk up and see me standing awkwardly in front of a camera with a blinking yellow light. they stand there, not wanting to obscure the view, awkwardly of course (and staring), until the ten second timer is up and my camera has taken ten shots. then they stare at me some more and walk away. so tonight i successfully halted new york city pedestrian traffic for a few moments. this happened three times, since i was in a hurry and stopped only long enough to take a picture that will a) help me remember my night (it will) and b) get the job done


i had a great day :)

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Taken on February 5, 2010