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day ninety

december 30, 2009


this is my favorite spot in my house


i was tagged by rebecca+, V ▲ L, esparist, and brookemarie, and i finally got around to doing this :)


1. i don't watch much television, except for a few shows that i am completely obsessed with like survivor

2. i'm a very nostalgic person. sometimes i like to go into old email accounts and read emails i sent and received years ago. i get lost in my past too easily

3. my favorite movie at the moment is 500 days of summer

4. i love strangers, and i love airports because i love strangers. i like to imagine what people's lives are like and what their luggage says about who they are

5. i have lived in the same small town my entire life and i can't wait until i can get out and move to a huge city

6. i stay up late and don't get much sleep. i don't really know why

7. my current photography obsession is tim walker's photography. he is brilliant, and i can spend hours looking at his photos (and i have)

8. when my room is a mess , so am i. when my room is clear, my head is clear

9. i think that new years is my favorite holiday because i love how it brings the entire world together and i really love new beginnings. also, it isn't one of those holidays that gets all the hype up for no reason; the new year is always exciting

10. i really love braids. i think they're beautiful


ah i'm lazy so i tag anyone who wants to do it!

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Taken on December 30, 2009