• Sue likes knitting hats for her robot (and is making a hat)
  • Sue puts the hat on her robot and her robot starts dancing to show it off
  • The robot dances so hard that he falls down to pieces (note that the orientation of the comic shifts from horizontal to vertical here)
  • Sue is upset that her robot is broken so she starts tinkering with the bits and pieces to make a new robot
  • instead of making a robot she gets carried away with her tinkering and makes...... XRAY GOGGLES
  • To activate the goggles you need to drag the bookmarklet button up to the bookmarks bar.
  • with the goggles turned on you can see all of the code behind the site. (for exaggeration of this the colors look kind of infrared)
  • The goggles help Sue to become - SUPERHACKER- who has the powers to change the open web.
  • Note: Superhacker girl jumps in between frames of the comic!
  • what's that??? Superhacker Sue hears a noise!
  • Oh no! Wigglesworth the pug is stuck under a log and is howling for help.

    Hackasaurus spies from the distance
  • Hackasaurus guides Superhacker on how to save Wigglesworth by using the XRay Goggles
  • The user uses the goggles to open up the Remix window and delete the div that contains the log that is crushing Wigglesworth
  • Wigglesworth is free! Dog does a flip and runs to the next frame
  • To Be Continued...


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Here is a quick sketch prototype for the hackable comic - just to get a sense of interactions as well

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