• love this texture right here. - sourpatch.
  • I am glad you noticed this. This is where I focused on. I loved the color and the texture myself. THANK YOU! (:

sunbathing on sidewalks

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this photo && this photo

(: I am done uploading for now.

If you would like to comment and tell me one thing you like about yourself and where you are from I am going to start a project (: I would much appreciate it. after I am done with the project there might be someone special that gets something special(: secrets secrets... jars of secrets.

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  1. Calvin Lee Creationz 47 months ago | reply

    I'm from Romance, AR. I like that I am passionate about photography and design.

  2. long live the car-crash hearts. [klaine♥] 47 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful, every last thing about it.
    Oh! And i'm from New York and I like that I see beauty in everything :)

  3. Allyjandro 47 months ago | reply

    Love this photo :)

    I'm from England, UK and I like that I can appreciate the small things :) Good luck with your project :)

  4. MattieC. 47 months ago | reply

    ohhh love all the colours! this looks so artistic :D
    i am from hong kong and hmm i like about myself that i understand people really well!

  5. Rachel*Nicole 47 months ago | reply

    What a beautiful image - love the colors and light!
    I'm from Helena, Alabama and I like that I am compassionate.

  6. sourpatch. 47 months ago | reply

    ohh this is so pretty. the sunlight is beautiful.

  7. anangelindisguise 47 months ago | reply

    wow, this is beautiful!

  8. Purple Pen Marks [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    my love this is beautiful!! :-)

  9. amanda.genevieve 47 months ago | reply

    I'm Amanda, I'm from Seattle and I like my eyes. :)
    This is such a lovely photo, the colors are brilliant! :)

  10. Okay Jess 47 months ago | reply

    Wow guys!!! Keep it coming! I love learning about everyone more and also, I need More more more for my project. I will definitely personally let everyone know when I use the information they are giving me and they can seen it in my project. (: but until then... let your thoughts flow! (: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who is helping me. and also THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that is commenting and giving me feed back! (:

  11. madeline.p 47 months ago | reply

    hi, i'm madeline, from pennsylvania. i like that i am usually creative and inventive, whether i'm taking a photograph, or drawing a picture. :)

    i really like the bokeh in this picture, too :)

  12. E R O _ P H O T O G R A P H Y [deleted] 47 months ago | reply


  13. Oiha23 47 months ago | reply

    This is outstanding, great focus and texture! love how colorful it is!

  14. Doe's▫In▫Space 47 months ago | reply

    I love this! <33
    I'm Arika from Seattle, and I love my ability to daydream whenever :)

  15. HEΛRTBEΛT [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    this is neat.
    uhmm. i'm from toronto canada and one thing i like about myself is that i'm ambitious :)

  16. beyoung 47 months ago | reply

    perfect :)

  17. Erin Rena 47 months ago | reply

    How did I miss this one?! I would love to help you with your project. :)
    I am from Indiana, and one thing that I like about myself is that I have a big heart and want to spread hope and love to as many people that I can.

  18. Emma Carson 47 months ago | reply

    I love the bokeh and the focus! Fantastic shot! I love watercolor paints...

    I am from Spanish Fork, Utah. And one thing I like about myself.... I have good taste? But I guess that doesn't make sense because of course I would think I have good taste, because it is my taste after all..... I will give you a second one, because I just don't think it makes sense to tell youself you have good taste.
    I like that I have a different perspective than other kids my age. (but then again, I don't really know that for sure either because I don't know what other kids think like) I look at people and wonder why they are the way they are and I think about what they are like when they are not with other people. And I think that makes me unique. :D

  19. UpSideDownSoul 47 months ago | reply

    Love the focus :)
    I'm from Ontario, Canada and I like that I never get pimples :p

  20. sweetdreamers ∞ [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    the light and focus! absolutely stunning photo! :D

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