3d pan white

Such Great Heights

I love it when there are clouds in the sky. Just how they float in the sky, making their way through parts of the world, disappearing into the sun's light.


hmmm, clouds make me a happy camper. I despise cloudless skies with all my heart. On another note, I took this photo lying on the ground. Chuppy was on top of the truck and gazing at something. And this is in RAW, YESS, i knoww, I'm JUST as excited :D Everyone on here raving about how good RAW is...agree with them!


this contest i entered ends tomorrow, and I'm currently in second place...losing just by a few votes :) it's a fun, cute contest, so if you have a facebook, can you vote by

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ends tomorrow. thank you sooo very much!

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Taken on August 2, 2011