Battle of the Species

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    My boy can fetch alright, but when it comes to having chess skills, he fails miserably. :)

    Sorry to say this, canines, but the bird won.

    So, I'm suppose to be studying for finals and I come up with this idea. I am definitely putting my brain to good use. Chuppy was being such a good boy, okay, there was cheese involved, stop badgering me. I thought it was too funny when I was looking through the shots, and I saw this one. Chuppy looks so into the game...bless his sweet heart, LOL

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    1. Willow Creek Photography 51 months ago

      so neat!!
      i bet cuppy won (=
      or did the bird brain win? lol

    2. LizLikesTheVu 51 months ago

      Excellent catch!! I love it.

    3. SarahElizabethC. 51 months ago

      Ahhhh! adorable.

    4. Kirstyxo 51 months ago

      Haha i loved this, awesome idea, I hope Chuppy can have a re-match sometime ;) lol

    5. BluueFox [deleted] 51 months ago

      What a cute photo

      We have a contract with cheese too ;-)

    6. Ciscolo 51 months ago

      hilarious! this is soooooo cute!!

    7. StephsShoes 51 months ago

      You are so funny! This is brilliant!! :o)

    8. miss_n_arrow 51 months ago

      haha CHEESE! That's so funny! Kirby absolutely loves cheese too! Maybe it's a Golden thing. ;) Great shot!

    9. beebebear [deleted] 51 months ago

      a classic, i love it ;)

    10. [AMG]photos 51 months ago

      Chuppy is the man.

    11. SavingMemories 51 months ago

      I love this great shot! lol Fantastic 'I'm smarter than you" look on the bird! lol Fantastic Jessica. =^D

    12. Univix 51 months ago

      LOVE this! :D

    13. blondeclick 51 months ago

      Beyond cute!

    14. Erin Hoffstetter 51 months ago

      hilarious! you are wonderful at shooting pets and making them appear human almost!

    15. Olizwell 51 months ago

      Haha, this is so cute!

    16. Tonya Suz 49 months ago

      I love it!!

    17. Marimi. 48 months ago

      amei essa foto

    18. Jay Ben Images 44 months ago

      This made me laugh. Great shot.

    19. sakarismom 42 months ago

      wonderful capture

    20. artland 42 months ago

      This is a wonderful shot!
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