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Gone With The Wind. (Today's my birthday!)

I am 19 years old today! :D Gahh, I wish I was a kid again. Free, with nothing to worry about! None of this grown up crap. I wanted to do something I've never done before for todays shot so here it is! Haha :) I've always seen people do this and they come out soo nice! Mine is okay for the first time. I feel like doing a birthday tag. Feel free to untag yourself, no offense will be taken. :)


How old are you?: Nineteen

What do you do for your birthday?: Anything♥

Something special that happened so far?: I'm a year older, lol. & I'm getting my hair done!

Something that upsets you about today?: I already cried over something stupid that was my fault.

Something you cant wait to happen today?: See Jake♥

What did you ask for your birthday?: My canon, but I already got it :)

Do you think you will get it?: Yeshh, lol.

Favortie kind of birthday cake?: Ice creammmm.

Your way of a perfect birthday: With my family and boyfriend.♥ These people are all I need.


Thank you soo much everyone, for everything! I love you all! :D


P.S. I hate how I look like a puffer fish. It's my first try at flour so practice makes perfect.


♥ (:

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Taken on June 29, 2011