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[58/366]  finding time to relax. | by Hammonton Photography
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[58/366] finding time to relax.

taken: 8/2

for my 366 on 8/8

self portrait


I've had such a busy week..

Finding time to relax or even breathe honestly felt like chaos.. One day this week I was only home for 10 minutes until I got home past my bed time and fell right asleep.. Only to wake up again at 5:30 the next morning and do it all over again, yes I'm serious lol!

I really do love waking up at 5:30AM now though. I've been doing it for the past week and a half and you know what?? It really works for me.

I am able to get so much more done in my day waking up early that even the loss of sleep some nights really doesn't bother me as I feel that I've accomplished so much more in my day/week that it just makes me happy and content.. (I do sneak in at least one nap a day though, shh!)


Busy is a great thing though. My husband has been working a lot, as have I- and work always makes us happy. This week we got a lot of things done that have been on our 'to-do list' for quite some time and it feels great, although I do still have a few important things on that list to complete I feel confidant in saying that they'll be done by next weekend which is fabulous.


I haven't had much time for 'personal/fun' photography though as much as I'd love to be doing so. I have been doing a good bit of photography though it's just been for my customers not for me, lol. I will try my best to make some time soon though for my 366 so no worries.. I've just really been non-stop.


Miss everyone and hope all is well with you all! Keep posting those amazing photographs for me to see, I always check all of your photostreams and my contact uploads to see what you've posted even if I do not have a chance to comment.

Have a nice weekend everyone! I know that I will.. I'm finally going to have a minute to relax finally.. and I'm REALLY looking forward to it! ;)

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Taken on August 2, 2012