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106/365 [why's everyone always pickin' on me?] | by Hammonton Photography
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106/365 [why's everyone always pickin' on me?]



This photo was so much fun for me..

I was alone taking photographs and cracking up. Everytime I saw them on the LCD screen I laughed even harder..


I love my glasses in this too.. lol


When I was a kid I was made fun of to the max.. daily.

I was not a very attractive young lady.. Even kid's parents made fun of me at school events.

In my opinion didn't 'blossom' until later in life.. [around 14 the 'picking on me' stopped. sort of]


I even had problems ages 15-18 actually.. Less of my looks - more of mean kids just being mean kids. Especially girls..oh my gosh.. those mean girls. I mean-it could have been jealousy..

Reguardless of what it was.. it was horrible. They made me hate to wake up in the morning, I cut school and lied to my parents about it- I just didn't want to be a part of that.


It got so bad that I almost dropped out of high school.. and my parents supported me with it.

[they felt so bad, they didn't know anything else to do]

Now they tell my brothers, 'You cannot drop out of high school! If your sister did it, YOU CAN DO IT!'


Thank God for Coach M & Coach C..and my parents! That's all I have to say.

They made me love school [i was seperated from the bullies with fantastic teachers backing up me staying in school and graduating. they really cared.]

.. they made me stay.. I graduated. I did it in 2005, happily.


I'm so happy with where I am at now. However, I do wish I knew then what I knew now. I would have laughed at those kids.. laughed at them. Ignored them. Enjoyed school more.

I am going to be enrolling in college soon. I can't wait.

I'm at that point in my life where I just love to learn.. and I'm over the "drama" & "bullies".

I'm happy finally- with myself, with who i've become.


I can do anything I put my mind to.

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.. anything.




►PS: My 4 year old is amazing on the drums..

Have a listen ->♫♪♫♪♫♪



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Taken on March 21, 2011