Pecha Kucha GBG Vol #21
On Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 we once again arranged Pecha Kucha during Kulturkalaset. Despite a lot of other events happening around town, our venue Park Lane quickly got packed with people who listened to 9 presentations followed by music by DJ Naomi Paradise.

Speakers: "Struktören" David Stiernholm, biologist & photographer Jesper Östlund, Maria Spante talked about technological systems & social relations, Johannes Bergmark & Luc Kerléo presenterade The Electro Acustic van, Jenny Andersson aka Bajsugglan, Geek Movie Director André Hedetoft, Klara Sibeck talked about Hand bags fashion in central Asia, Theatre director Åsa Kalmér and Jesper Larsson who spoke about The Bear he met in China.

Photos by: Evelina Hultqvist
Thanks to: Kulturkalaset
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