Pecha Kucha GBG Vol #5
Don't call it a comeback, we have had glorious nights before. But this felt like a perfect 10 with some what 350 people packed in the legendary basement. This was also the Gothenburg pre-release party for The Pecha Kucha book "20 x 20". Out of 3000 presenters worldwide Pecha Kucha GBG's Jens Thoms Ivarsson made it into the book! A book that you will soon be able to pre-order though this website.

Speakers: Råvara/kvarnen, Lovisa Ringborg, Henrik Wallgren, Staffan Bengtsson, Christine Gustafsson, Robert Lindberg, Tomas Ferm, Anna Byvald, Karl Palmås, Momus.
The speakers were followed by The Love Party.
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