Photobooth Friday

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    All hail the great Monchichi!
    My memory of this day (which I should probably run by my mom, just to see how accurate - or inaccurate - it is) is fairly clear. I remember getting this picture taken. I had to go to the doctors for a shot I think, some sort of required for kindergarten vaccination. That explains why I'm solo, Amy would have been in school already. As a treat for being so good my mom let me get photos taken in the booth (I wonder is it's the same booth that we were in at 3 and 4?). The dress I'm wearing (yes, it's a dress complete with smocking on the front) was a hand-me-down from Amy, I think we have pictures of her wearing it too. She's arriving tonight by the way and I promise to whisk her away to a photobooth-

    I adored my Monchichi... I wonder what happened to him?

    As always, Andrea at is to thank for this wonderful idea. Go to her blog to see more lovely photobooth photographs-

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    1. aga_d 112 months ago | reply

      :) what a beautiful story, Jes!

    2. 112 months ago | reply

      awww i'd forgotten about monchichi's!

    3. girlhula 112 months ago | reply

      this is great! I think photobooth pics where the person is holding some personal object are really really cool... something so personal about that. love the monchichi!

      have a great time with your sister... can't wait to see the photobooth pics. :)

    4. My House is Cuter Than Yours 112 months ago | reply

      ahhhh!!!! so freaking cute! looking forward to your pic's with your sis!

    5. wardomatic 112 months ago | reply

      Great photo, Jes! I love the Monchichi there -- I remember the silly song that they had on the commericals-- drove me crazy.

      Can't wait to see the new shots with your sis!

    6. Madness Rivera 112 months ago | reply

      Before I even read your text, I was like - IS THAT A MONCHICHI??

      Really sweet picture.

    7. JesC 112 months ago | reply

      Monchichi's - a trip down memory lane for everyone!

    8. dogsbody 112 months ago | reply

      Hmm, I somehow missed the Monchichi phenomenon. I feel so cheated. Very cute photo though.

    9. lovegreendog 112 months ago | reply

      my monchichi wore a red and white polka dot dress. this photo is so cute!

    10. moved2kimifoos [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

      Cute! You can still get a Monchichi on eBay! :)

    11. paper~doll~wings 112 months ago | reply

      love it!! and how in the world did I miss it? I totally remember the shot before kindergarten. Oh yes and I do miss my monchichi :)

    12. JesC 112 months ago | reply

      It seems like everyone has a little love for the Monchichi!

      lovegreendog, mine wore a red little jumper/dress.

      jimtown, I saw them on ebay, I googled them to be sure I was spelling it right!

      ward, I vaguely remember the song from the commercial, oh the memories!

      KB, you need to join in, any photobooths in LB?

    13. NessieNoodle 111 months ago | reply

      thank you thank you thank you for posting this. I am laughing and laughing, and loving the fact that you actually wrote," All hail the great Monchichi".

      i needed that... xox

    14. JesC 111 months ago | reply

      NessieNoodle - Thanks! Your comment made my day! I think the Monchichi has given everyone a laugh :)

    15. caroline_1985 99 months ago | reply

      When was this picture taken? :) You look so young!

    16. JesC 99 months ago | reply

      caroline, around 1982 I think - when I was 4 or 5. So many years ago!

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