Photobooth Friday

All hail the great Monchichi!

My memory of this day (which I should probably run by my mom, just to see how accurate - or inaccurate - it is) is fairly clear. I remember getting this picture taken. I had to go to the doctors for a shot I think, some sort of required for kindergarten vaccination. That explains why I'm solo, Amy would have been in school already. As a treat for being so good my mom let me get photos taken in the booth (I wonder is it's the same booth that we were in at 3 and 4?). The dress I'm wearing (yes, it's a dress complete with smocking on the front) was a hand-me-down from Amy, I think we have pictures of her wearing it too. She's arriving tonight by the way and I promise to whisk her away to a photobooth-


I adored my Monchichi... I wonder what happened to him?


As always, Andrea at is to thank for this wonderful idea. Go to her blog to see more lovely photobooth photographs-

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Taken on February 1, 2006