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Weaver girl

Weaver girl Rebel Devoted Through the Fence Postcards: 1 Dolla Temple Girl Water Lily Boy CD Boys Sokan (not a) Child Model Sokan's Feet Peek-a-Boo Thoughtful Monk Tending the Alter Tebetian Buddhist Monk A Grandfather's Love The Worst Postcard Ever School Boy Nekkid School Girls

These photos are a mere example of the photojournalism I did while traveling throughout SE Asia. They represent a brief glimspe into the heart and soul of this amazing culture through my daily interaction with it's people. All of these pictures are glimpses into the daily life of these amazing people...none of them are posed or influenced by me in any way.

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CiaoChessa says:

You give the perfect description to this set of images. What an incredible culture. I recently visited Thailand and Cambodia and agree whole heartedly with your thoughts about SE Asia. I'd love to see what you think the pictures I took there. I'm genuinely enjoying yours...

Please visit my Cambodia set.

Please also visit my Thailand set.
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sam_samantha says:

josh, these are beautiful images. thank you so much for the kind note. In regards to your questions about NGO's that I've worked with etc., if you look into my other flickr site by going through my profile on flickr, you'll see their names:) I hope this helps and have a great day...nice to see your photos as well.

Posted 114 months ago. ( permalink )

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