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At first I was excited, I thought they had a ton of books in the store - but that's not the case, it's simply a large ad.

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  1. ispets 118 months ago | reply

    the slogan sucks :)

  2. prawntoast 118 months ago | reply

    Disagree - I think the slogan and the display are very effective

  3. cklapka 118 months ago | reply

    Is this used at other stores? This location, before it became an Apple store, was a B.Dalton bookstore. Does this have anything to do with the slogan?

  4. ckelley 118 months ago | reply

    chlapka: It's also in front of the Shadyside (Pittsburgh) store when I went earlier today. I thought it was pretty cool.

  5. Seolach 118 months ago | reply

    Sure, anyone can download a copy of Shakespeare, but how easy is it to read in bed?

  6. Semila76 118 months ago | reply

    Apple makes a big deal about the stream-lined nature of its technology (especially compared to PCs). But the technology of a book is far more elegant: it's more portable, easier to use and (depending on the author), far more rewarding.

  7. axxiom 118 months ago | reply

    Reading books on my notebook has been fantastic. I had an entire bookshelf of Oreilly computer books that now is replaced by one DVD.

    I have the entire Project Gutenberg collection on two DVDs. I can nearly read anything on I want with my notebook. And better yet, I don't need a book lamp or a chef's book mount.

    I'm so game for books in electronic form. Save a tree, save some money, hurt my college bookstore; it's all win.

  8. edbatista 118 months ago | reply

    There's clearly a bright future for electronic books, on laptops or special readers or audio players. But there will also continue to be a future for actual paper books. Condensing a shelf full of manuals into a DVD is a great, practical idea. But many books aren't read for practical reasons, and readers will continue to cherish them for their tangible, physical qualities that pixels on a screen can't ever duplicate. Apple's slogan is highly effective, having prompted this level of engagement and discussion. It's also short-sighted and ill-informed, but when did that ever hurt a marketing campaign?

  9. Yo? Yo! 118 months ago | reply

    I like real books as much as the next bloke.

    But texts that are fully searchable, or a compilation of my annotated books, easily retrievable?

    Yeap, that's what I want.

  10. Tom Morris 118 months ago | reply

    Fully searchable and annotated is good. But batteries conking out after a few hours while on a long distance public transport journey isn't.

    So, though I love my iBook (old and creaky and with a broken trackpad), my real books come way, way, way before my laptop. (In fact, Mac laptops, now the Mini Mac is out, are an obsolesence for me - my next Mac will be a Mini).

  11. aelfheld 118 months ago | reply

    Drop a book on the floor from shoulder height, repeatedly.

    Drop an Apple (or other computer) on the floor from shoulder height, repeatedly.

    Which one is still readable?

  12. tray 118 months ago | reply

    when i first came into work.. and the new display was up.. i had to look twice to make sure i was walking into the right store *grin*

  13. NikeBlack 118 months ago | reply

    Drop that laptop in the bathtub and see what happens! Or, take it to the beach and get sand in it.

    Books can take this abuse, though perhpas the soggy book is not so nice unless you dry it out properly.....

  14. martin english (AUS) 117 months ago | reply

    forget dropping it on the floor; have you ever tried using a computer in the bath ?
    On a more serious note, if its not public domain and its older than, say 1990, is it available in a non book format ?

  15. penitentialarts 116 months ago | reply

    I worked for a bookstore for many years, and am a librarian now, so I have seen people's reading habits up close for many years. From what I have seen, that form of marketing is liable to alienate a lot of people.

    The masses are not going to start using e-books in any big way until the readers become more durable, cheaper, and have comparable clarity to black print on white paper. Laptops certainly don't fit that criteria - the majority of people out there do not want to sit in a chair looking at a screen on a desk (or on their lap) to read a 200-page fiction book. The would probably be willing to do so with some non-fiction books (such as tech manuals), but fiction is another game altogether.

    In addition, books can be traded, resold, and even used as decorations in the home. Some of them also gain monetary value over time. They don't need batteries, don't expire on a certain date, don't get viruses and bugs, etc. Given all that, my bet is that e-books will need to be considerably cheaper for people to shift over to them (like $1 each, no expiration date), and will need to come out at the same time as the regular paperback release of the title.

    During my bookselling days (and especially now as a librarian) I can tell you that the majority of people in the U.S. are not very technically saavy, and have little patience with computers. I was a professional programmer for many years, and was surrounded by other tech-friendly folks - once I left that profession, I was startled to discover how technically limited most other people are. Contrary to popular opinion, it isn't just an age thing - gender, economics, and location play into it, too. E-books will have to have a much larger mass appeal that crosses all these lines to really catch hold. I have no doubt that it will reach that point eventually, but I doubt it will happen in the next 5 years, at least on any big scale.

  16. Fantasma Hex 109 months ago | reply

    I'm a luddite. This is important information because im currently sitting in the bath typing this. Any objections you have to using computers in ways conventional to books can be overcome as easily as the objections raised to earlier inventions such as writing and fictional prose. In 300 years people will laugh at your opinions, they really don't actually matter.

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