light emitting diode

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    So this is from my first attempt where you hang a light of some sort from a string, cord, etc and set it to swinging with the camera set up to catch the light trails on a long exposure. The led light is from the insert from a toy one of the kids got that lit up when you threw it around. The casing for the light device split open and I saved the lights for a shot like this. I hung it from the pull cord on our ceiling fan and got this.

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    1. 73 months ago | reply

      Great result! (I think I have to buy a ceiling fan :-)

    2. T. Jason Wright Photography 73 months ago | reply

      It's cool how physics makes such perfect shapes!

    3. YaYapas 73 months ago | reply

      Hi Jeremy, your light pendulum turns out great. The construction is original (can i say that the impetus for this idea came from me?) and the result is amazing.

    4. Jeremy Stockwell 73 months ago | reply

      @YaYapas: Thanks! The toy that broke, from which I saved the LED lights used to do this experiment, met its demise many months before I came across your excellent example of the light pendulum concept, so I can't give you full credit. Discovering your photo did, however, remind me about it and prompt me to give it a try, so I'll give you that. Thanks for stopping by.

    5. Available_Light 73 months ago | reply

      Cool shot, Jeremy! Was the camera looking up at the swinging light? I'm trying to figure out how you got that pattern. My kids have a couple blinky LED toys that might work for something like this.

      Thanks for sharing it!

    6. Jeremy Stockwell 73 months ago | reply

      Yeah, the camera was flat on the table resting on its LCD, pointed up at the ceiling. If you look closely here, you can see the center of the ceiling fan/light fixture in the center of the light pattern.

      The LED was attached (with Scotch Tape -- spared no expense) to one of the pull cords for the ceiling fan/light fixture. Opened the shutter with my IR remote and set the LED to swinging manually. Took a few tries to get one with which I was happy.

      I have added some notes to this shot that might help you visualize the setting, if helpful.

      I'm imagining a scene where Available Light begins to tear apart his kids' toys, yanking the electronic lights from them and piling them on the dinner table -- because "This means something. This is important."

      @Available Light -- your name is Ron, right? Or is it Roy??????


    7. Available_Light 73 months ago | reply

      Yep, I can totally see it now. Thanks for the description and clarification! I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom – I'm sure that would work well for this type of shot.

      No worries about me disassembling my kids' toys; they do a fine job of that on their own! I just have to pick up the appropriate pieces and keep them working long enough to get the shot. :-)

      And yes, it's Ron. Funny you should say Roy though; I worked at a BMW/VW dealer right out of high school and all the mechanics called me Roy, for like a year and a half!

    8. sciencechicago 72 months ago | reply

      Beautiful design that this shot produced! Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Science Chicago, and we'd love to have this added to the group! Hope to hear from you!

      Holly & the SciChi Team

    9. AdititheStargazer 57 months ago | reply

      Pretty neat idea. Lovely shot.

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