...to prove to the opossum that it could be done!

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    My favorite answer to the age-old question -- why did the chicken cross the road.

    Beyond that -- I apologize for uploading this image. Photo Friday's theme this week is - 'gross' -- I saw this, and 'gross' was the first thing that came to mind, so I'm going with it.

    'Best viewed small'

    1. ~ Oscar 103 months ago | reply

      Oh wow, that's pretty disgusting! hehe I usually don't like to stare at things that are killed on the road and now you made me lol... What is that thing anyhow? I've never seen those around here (I don't think).

    2. Jeremy Stockwell 103 months ago | reply

      Sorry, 'bout that, Oscar -- I was trying to get the explanation up as quick as I could, but you beat me. I wouldn't post this type of image without some answer as to why. Thanks for the comment though. It is a opossum (or is that an opossum?).

    3. ~ Oscar 103 months ago | reply

      hehe I guess I commented too quick uh? well thanks for the explanation! now that's a nice shot considering it's for the gross theme :-D

    4. Big Grey Mare 103 months ago | reply

      GROSS!!!!!! Gross! Gross! Gross to the max!!! I wonder how much Windex you'd need to clean it up? You're just lucky that I don't like possums, but their are some people who eat them. I have a cookbook with a recipe for possum and sweet potatoes. GROSS!!!!!!

    5. Metrix X 102 months ago | reply

      Gross it is this chicken didn't make it.

    6. Unite Fire! [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

      Perfect desciption of Anderson. :P

    7. OpossumKnight 96 months ago | reply

      ...? aaaaaaahhhhhh!...my worst antagonist!THE AUTOMOBILL...

    8. deactive 90 months ago | reply

      poor Possy !

      That'odd !

    9. bbot9 76 months ago | reply

      you are an asshole. too bad it wasn't you on the road. Then maybe your lovely wife could have you model for one of her "portraits" Dickhead.

    10. Jeremy Stockwell 76 months ago | reply

      Thanks for your constructive criticism, there, bbot9.

      You are absolutely right about me, of course. So far, I have been able to fool all the people all the time, but not you. From a single one of my 700+ photos here on Flickr, you alone have managed to see through my intricately woven veil to my true "asshole" self, of which even I was unaware.

      You have helped me to see the light. Thanks.

      Now, I am off to your photostream to explore the work of a true master.

    11. KrissyAldous.com 62 months ago | reply

      Ewww-but seriously out of time....and some of his guts!

      "Out of Time!..."
      The World Through My Eyes

    12. KrissyAldous.com 62 months ago | reply

      OMG....I just read the comment above...what a tool!

    13. judy_and_ed 28 months ago | reply

      very interesting; thanks for the link. that's a lot of views, but few comments and favorites, considering. i think that refines my hypothesis: people may have a fasination-repulsion thing for cute dead animals -- slow down so we can see the traffic accident, but look away when we catch sight of the broken bodies. take a quick look, and then run.

      i'm curious about the views; have they come in a few at a time over the years, or was there a surge at any time for any reason, say a high explore ranking (nope, just checked, no explored possums around)? i also notice that you have this in only one group, so it must all be photostream exposure ... or searches for dead possums? i'm going to try a search for dead koala bears, back in a minute. ok, fwiw, a couple dozen hits, but all the pictured animals were alive.

    14. judy_and_ed 28 months ago | reply

      65,000 hits for dead bird, all i saw looking pretty dead.

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