The other two buggers.

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    Suren and Jamie.

    I'm replacing Jamie.

    1. Gaetan Lee ages ago | reply

      I don't know if you have seen but this image is being used by virgin mobile in their 'are you with us or what campaign' in australia.


      Some of these images have apparently also been used on billboards.. mine has apparently. in the good flickr tradition i have just started up a group of all the original images... and hopefully some of the ones in australia if i can get some help over there. if you can post the original to the group it would be fantastic.

    2. Gaetan Lee ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Virgin Mobile - Are you with us or what?, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    3. jeremyfoo ages ago | reply

      That's in clear violation of the license that the photograph held under. Is there anyone I can contact at virgin mobile to deal with this matter?

    4. benroberts ages ago | reply


      i checked your creative commons license and unfortunately it's not in violation of the license. you'll need to change your licenses in future (i.e don't use creative commons...) if you want you images to be 'safe'.

    5. jeremyfoo ages ago | reply

      Yes it is in violation. There was no attribution given.

    6. benroberts ages ago | reply

      ah... well that's different... sue their asses!!!! good luck....

    7. Barney Wrightson ages ago | reply

      There is actually an attempt at attribution - they put a link to your flickr page on the advert. Pretty lame attempt at it though, and doesn't link to the license either. Also as we have been discussing there is the issue of model releases by the identifiable people in the photos...

      Found in a search. (?)

    8. jeremyfoo ages ago | reply

      Shouldn't the attribution be one that I specify, not one that they come up with? Even yahoo's kind enough to ask for permission to use my photos and how I would like it to be attributed to me...

    9. jeremyfoo ages ago | reply

      I've actually written in to virgin. But of course, god knows when they will ever or even give me a reply...

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