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Dominic | by Convict J-man
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Scan of a print made of the negative posted earlier with the purpose of explaining my workflow. ANY recommendations would be welcomed and appreciated, especially from those with greater knowledge and experience. Shot with Nikon F55 & Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens (@ f/1.8) and Orange and Cir-Pol filters stacked. Film was Kodak Professional Tri-x 400 (400TX).



Small tank processed (All chemistry was measured to 16 fl.oz. @ 68°F (20°C).

1 minute presoak with constant agitation

developed 6 min. 45 sec. in D-76 vigorously agitated 10 seconds every minute.

1 minute H20 bath

30 second stop bath (Kodak indicator stop bath) with constant agitation.

Fixed 10 minutes (Kodak Fixer w/ Hardener) with 10 sec. agitation every minute.

1 minute H20 bath (constant agitation)

2 minutes in Hypo Clearing Agent with constant agitation.

Washed 5 minutes; hung to dry.


Printed on Ilford Multigrade IV RC Paper (Pearl) using Omega D3 Var. Cond. Enlarger (75W)

16 second exp. at f/8 using Ilford Multigrade filter # 1 1/2.

Developed 1 minute in Dektol with constant tray agitation.

8 second Stop Bath (Kodak Indicator Stop Bath) with constant agitation.

Fixed 4 minutes (Kodak Fixer w/ Hardener) with constant agitation.

Washed 4 minutes; hung to dry.


Toned in Berg Sepia Toner:

1 minuted pre-wash (H2O).

Bleached 2 minutes in Berg Bleach solution (Part A) with constant tray agitation.

Washed 3 minutes, changing water after 1st & 2nd minutes.

Toned in Berg Sepia Toner (Part B) 2 minutes with constant tray agitation.

Washed 4 minutes, changing water after 2nd & 3rd minutes.

Hung to dry.

Scanned print using Epson Perfection V500 Photo scanner.

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Taken on March 27, 2011