reamscapes exhibition | March 2010
What will become of paper? With the advent of the iPad the proverbial death knell has been rung, many
hailing the iPad as the fi nal nail in the coffi n for printed media. To hail the coming of the end and to
tribute the offi cial launching of the iPad, March will be the month when paper makes its triumphant last
stand in the heart of the Chicago Arts District taking up a month long residence in the showPODs.
Six carefully selected teams of up-and-coming designers from the Chicago area working in the fi eld of
architecture have been invited to take a ream of standard copy paper and render the banality of 500
sheets of paper into a throught provoking and arresting temporary installation. Participants include Chicago’s
Brandon Horn, Team Fold 500, Jeremy Ehly, Pei-San Ng, Thomas Kelley and w| c studio.
The showPODs are 7 dynamic installation spaces located along the Halsted Street corridor between
18th and 19th St in the Chicago Arts District. The showPODs host temporary installations curated on a
monthly basis in a format that makes the work viewable 24/7/365. Previous installations include work
by the Chicago Urban Arts Society and other local artists. Upcoming installations include BIKE in April
curated by Bikeith Recyclery. Reception on March 12th coincides with the Chicago Arts Districts monthly
2nd Fridays event.
Generous support for this project is provided by the Chicago Arts District and Podmajersky.
For more information, or high resolution imagery please contact::
Jeremy Ehly
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