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Namesake Early Analysis: Threaded Twitter with Your Real Friends (Mouseover)

Mouseover for features. I'm an Industry Analyst, hence my breakdown type of approach.




Namesake is Threaded Twitter with Your Real Friends



Overall this application is very very fast, one of the snappiest sites I've seen. As you add more people to your conversations and friends to your network this will create some significant challenges.



Onboarding = Private Beta

Registration = Social Sign On through FB Connect and Twitter connect --no reg forms

Identity = Real --no Anon or screennames

Scope = Private Network (Will likely open up later)

Network style: Incongruent (you can have more followers than you follow) vs Congruent (1:1 friends) --concept via James Governor

Social Graph: =Real friends you know (FB and Twitter connect)

Content Type = Real Time --not asynch-- content loads quickly, no refreshing required

Use Case = "Conversations": Q&A, Discussions, updates

Media types: = Text up to 250 characters for initial post

Founders Bench = Team has former successful startups, seasoned team, stint with MySpace. Newroo and Adly founders Dan Gould and Brian Norgard.

Location = LA




Unique Features = 1) Allow for private discussions for a few folks to talk, while rest of network can watch, I called this like a "conference panel". 2) "Opportunities" feature allows for those to post 'help wanted' (like Craigslist) and others can source folks. 3) Endorsements from your network around specific keyword skills. For example, I can endorse Esther Lim on "Social media strategy"


Use Cases = Real time conversations, with your real friends. Finding, hiring, job opportunities.


Potential Challenges = The real time stream overtakes the rate of human consumption. As too many people (or celebrities) jump on this site, it will be hard to consume the real time stream.


Business Model = No current model, but will likely grow experience and critical mass then pick a few streams. The data being collected about endorsements can be used to broker connections and sourcing can be monetized.



Interview with Founder, Brian Norgard (I'm on phone with him now)!/BrianNorgard


"This is something different than other sites, not like a Q&A sites and not about broadcasting."


JKO: Why private? "Just developing the product experience to make sure it's good enough as a differentiated product.... Testing with small group of users"


JKO: How did you get it to be so snappy?

"lot of great engineering, and focusing on 0 latency environment...we want folks to have an actual conversation with others in real time, and not have feel the system is choking"


JKO: Is it on Ruby on Rails? Prob not

"We don't want to talk about this right now"


JKO: Are you funded?

"We're going to announce something pretty soon, we have been self-funded for sometime based on previous wins"


JKO: What is your Business Model?

"Building trust in conversation, and there are many ways to monetize content, and we've founded Adly model so we won't have a hard time finding a model for this consumer experience, the first order of business is building experience and showing up to and will have a ton of monetization opportunities"

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Taken on January 26, 2011